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Are you into Wearable Tech (WT) and want to get a full market overview? Well, congratulations, you might have come to the perfect place. This data visualization uses Google and Amazon search results to give you an overview of prices, types, manufacturing country and where they are worn on the body. The USA is dominating the wearable tech market. The brands Garmin and Polar seem to have the widest variety of products on the market. If you click on the Gamin pie chart you can see they make all three types (wrist, head and chest applications).

Most of the wearable tech is worn on the waist, chest and wrist (not head). Most gadgets are less than 100 USD, The Polar RS800CX GPS Heart Rate Monitor cost nearly 500 USD back in January. Browse below to find similar products for a cheaper price.

With the appearance of the Apple Watch, many of these smaller wearable tech brands may start struggling to compete soon. A gigantic new competitor is now on the block connected to more smart devices than most other brands (via iPhone/iPad). Competition will likely not take place on a price level, but rather in the UX/UI level. Connectivity, design and accuracy will ultimately offer competitive edges in the wearable tech space.

Fields of Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech Bodypart

Prices of Wearable Tech Products (number of devices)

This graph counts the number of devices with a similar price point. The majority of WT is priced around 20$ - 200$ (where you can see the highest density of lines). Move/change the brush to see how the other charts are responding to differences in prices.

By Country

The US is leading the field; followed by Japan with companies like Casio,Sony, or Omron.

Dominating Companies

Garmin and Polar have a very horizontal marketing strategy, with many different kinds of WT devices on the market. Companies new to the WT category such as Apple have only one single product on the market (Apple Watch). Which strategy is the most successful isn’t conclusive yet.

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Developer and Data Journalist: Ben Heubl

Disclaimer: nuviun Data Vision put together this work with support by a public databases provided by Crowdflower. The dataset was created by CrowdFlower on the 31st of January, 2015. Please note that there might be errors or any changes that occured (e.g. for the prices for the devices or other changes in the data involved). nuviun takes no responsibility for any changes, errors, flaw or inaccuracies in the dataset.